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About Us

Who are we?
We are a Pokémon-crazy husband and wife. 

Anna does all the hard work - sorting through mountains of like-new cards to pick the right cards for your kids. Her knowledge of Pokémon is beyond belief. She has a background in Visual Merchandising and has worked with some of the most-loved stores in Ireland.

Tony gets to sip coffee and run our market stall on Saturdays, and looks after our online store and logistics during the week. He spent 19 years working for a multi-billion dollar multi-national, all the while dreaming about opening a small Pokémon and collectibles store. He's now living the dream...

While sipping more coffee. 

While we are not affiliated, associated with, or employed by The Pokémon Company, we want to promote a love of Pokémon and allow for easier access to cards for young kids. We are a small Irish business looking to put smiles on faces.

Why shop with Pokebundles?
We are parents ourselves and we know Pokémon. We know what cards and what characters put a smile on the faces of children.

Whether they are starting out or are a Pokémon master, we have bundles to suit every budget and every need. 

There are so many other reasons to shop with us...

  • Pokémon is an expensive hobby. A pack of card costs up to 6 euro for 10 cards, and this can add up quickly. Our bundles are extremely cost-effective, offering up to three times the cards for the same price, and a great way to start before trying sealed packs.
  • Our bundles of cards are duplicate free - that's our guarantee!
  • Our cards are 100% genuine unlike lots of adverts you see on social media. Sadly, Ireland is awash with fake cards from China, causing embarrassment to parents and kids alike. 
  • No parent wants to buy Pokémon cards that arrive in an old rusty tin. We present them in beautiful boxes to give kids a great experience.
  • Our bundles allow you to select the age and gender of your child, allowing us to build a bundle especially for your little one. 
  • Our bundles are designed for players, collectors and traders. Kids can keep what they like and trade what they don't!