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How to Spot Fake Pokemon Cards in Ireland including Pokemon Gold Cards: Your Ultimate Guide

How to Spot Fake Pokemon Cards in Ireland including Pokemon Gold Cards: Your Ultimate Guide

The frenzy surrounding Pokemon cards has escalated over the years, not just globally but also specifically in areas like Pokemon cards Ireland. From Pokemon booster boxes to individual Pokemon cards rare in nature, the market is bustling. But with this surge comes an inevitable rise in counterfeits, including fake Pokemon gold cards. Whether you're looking to buy Pokemon cards or add them to your cherished Pokemon folder, you should be aware of the fakes lurking in the market. This guide aims to equip you with tips to differentiate genuine Pokemon cards from counterfeits.

Examine Holographic Patterns

Authentic Pokemon cards, especially Pokemon cards rare in rarity, usually have a well-executed holographic pattern. Counterfeit cards, including fake Pokemon gold cards, typically have inconsistent and poor-quality holographs. Fake Gold cards will have a gold front and back, and will be made of plastic. When you're going through a new Pokemon booster box, take the time to check the holographic elements by tilting the cards and observing how they reflect light.

Feel the Material Quality

The texture and thickness of genuine Pokemon cards are notably different from counterfeits. Before adding any new cards to your Pokemon folder, run your fingers over them to feel their quality. Fake cards may either be too thin or unnaturally glossy, not matching the usual standards of Pokemon cards in Ireland or globally.

Inspect Color and Printing

If you plan to buy Pokemon cards, pay close attention to the color and print quality. Real cards are printed with precision, offering sharp images and vibrant colors. Counterfeit cards often have issues like color bleeding, faded images, or even spelling mistakes.

Validate Set Symbol and Numbering

Each card has a unique set symbol and number at its bottom, which signifies the series it belongs to. When buying a Pokemon booster box or individual cards, make sure the set symbol aligns with its corresponding series. Incorrect or missing symbols are usually a telltale sign of a fake.

Scrutinize Font and Text Spacing

Pay close attention to the font and text spacing, especially when dealing with Pokemon cards rare in nature. Counterfeits usually get the details wrong. Compare the suspect card with a genuine one you already have in your Pokemon folder for reference.

Perform a Light Transparency Test

Hold up the card to a light source. Genuine Pokemon cards allow only minimal light to pass through. If the card is noticeably more transparent, it's likely counterfeit.

Cross-Reference with Official Sources

Use databases and trusted forums to compare the cards you want to buy with verified images and descriptions. 

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The joy of opening a new Pokemon booster box or adding a rare card to your Pokemon folder should never be marred by the discovery of a counterfeit. As the market for Pokemon cards Ireland continues to grow, so does the importance of staying vigilant. Use these tips to ensure that you only buy Pokemon cards that are genuinely worth collecting.